About pbl institute

PBL Institute, formally ManualProverbs is NOT an institutionalized religion-affiliated organization. It is however anchored on scriptural precepts and principles, complimented by scientific research.  

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To inspire and equip leaders as well as potential leaders alike to become individuals who have a solid character, morally empowered active citizens, and catalysts of change to positively affect and inspire human action thus helping address the most pressing issues of our time.


Create a thought-provoking environment that seeks to stimulate learning, designed to ignite the right attitude of service, and supporting of a sophisticated lifestyle anchored on the right principles, values, and standards.


We hope to realise our vision and mission by adopting a structured program that offers opportunities to connect, learn, nurture, share and collaborate.

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His story is not any different from any other human being alive today. Neither are his failures or successes in his life so far. In fact, his life relates to the story of everyone else. What may differ is that over the past few years, he has been researching, learning, understanding, applying, and practicing original precepts and principles that have enabled him to discover his purpose, have a strong personal conviction, have a clear vision, have a new conscious, have new values, new standards, and live a passion-fueled life.

Chris is a Social Scientist (Bachelor of Social Work, specialized in Human Resources Management), a certified Computer Networking Specialist, a Mandela Washington Fellowship Alumni, and a member of the International Leadership Association. Now turned Educator, an Author, and Social Entrepreneur.

He is also the Co-founder and CTO of LV Digital, a technology company operating in Africa working to bridge the Knowledge and Skills inequality gap by promoting access to quality and affordable education.


Flora Maria Zola, an Educator, a passionate Caregiver, and Social Entrepreneur.

Flora is a qualified and registered Nurse, a holder of a Diploma in Psychology, Diploma in Business Administration, and Diploma in Emotional Intelligence. Additionally, she has a certificate in Design-Oriented Entrepreneurship, Fundamental Principles of Opening and Managing a Business, Management Strategies for People and Resources, Creation and management of Social Companies, Strategies for Personal Growth and Development among others. 

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